Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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We are passionate about all things quantum, each of us an expert in our own right almost like we are ai generated our selves.

If you want to join the growing team leading the pack in the home quantum computing world, contact us here.


  • Jeremy Parker

    Qaiser Sajjad


    University of Oxford, PhD in Quantum Computing.
    Qaiser, a visionary in AI and quantum computing, founded Quantum AI after a successful career in academia. His work focuses on integrating quantum algorithms into AI to solve complex global issues. A frequent speaker at tech conferences, he is known for his innovative approaches and leadership skills.

  • Rajesh Gupta

    Rajesh Gupta


    University: Indian Institute of Technology, Masters in Computer Science
    Bio: Rajesh leads the tech division with his extensive experience in AI and machine learning. He has developed several patented algorithms that have significantly improved bot efficiency.

  • Dr. Ana Torres

    Dr. Ana Torres

    Chief Scientist

    University: MIT, PhD in Quantum Physics
    Bio: Dr. Torres is a pioneer in quantum sensor technologies. Her groundbreaking research has been integral in advancing the company's AI capabilities.

  • Liam Johnson

    Liam Johnson

    Head of Marketing

    University: University of Toronto, MBA
    Bio: Liam has a knack for identifying market trends and positioning Quantum AI's products at the forefront of the industry. He has successfully launched several global campaigns.

  • Zoe Mitchell

    Zoe Mitchell

    Head of Sales

    University: London School of Economics, Masters in International Business
    Bio: Zoe drives the company's revenue through strategic sales initiatives and partnerships.

  • James O'Connor

    James O'Connor

    Legal Counsel

    University: University of Sydney, JD
    Bio: James specializes in international tech law, ensuring Quantum AI's operations comply with legal standards worldwide.

Technical Expertise

  • Aya Al-Hassan

    Aya Al-Hassan

    Lead Software Engineer

    University: University of Waterloo, Masters in Software Engineering
    Bio: Aya is the mastermind behind several of Quantum AI's most successful bots, known for her innovative coding skills.

  • Carlos Ramirez

    Carlos Ramirez

    AI Ethics Officer

    University: Stanford University, PhD in Ethics and Technology
    Bio: Carlos ensures all AI developments align with ethical standards and global regulations.

  • Dr. Yuto Nakamura

    Dr. Yuto Nakamura

    Quantum Research Scientist

    University: University of Tokyo, PhD in Quantum Information Science
    Bio: Dr. Nakamura is at the forefront of quantum computing research, contributing to several breakthroughs.

  • Kevin Brown

    Kevin Brown

    Software Developer

    University: McGill University, BSc in Computer Science
    Bio: Kevin specializes in developing user-friendly interfaces for Quantum AI's products.

  • Alexander Petrov

    Alexander Petrov

    IT Security Manager

    University: Moscow State University, Masters in Cybersecurity
    Bio: Alexander safeguards Quantum AI's data and systems with cutting-edge security protocols.

  • Noor Al-Din

    Noor Al-Din

    Project Manager

    University: American University of Beirut, MBA in Project Management
    Bio: Noor's expertise in agile methodologies keeps projects on track and within budget.

Data and Analysis

  • Priya Singh

    Priya Singh

    Data Analyst

    University: University of New South Wales, Masters in Data Science
    Bio: Priya plays a crucial role in interpreting complex data patterns to improve AI algorithms.

Communication and Customer Relations

  • Sofia Martinez

    Sofia Martinez

    Translator and Cultural Liaison

    University: University of Salamanca, Masters in Translation and Intercultural Communication
    Bio: Sofia ensures Quantum AI's products are culturally appropriate and accessible in multiple languages.

  • Fiona Cheng

    Customer Support Lead

    University: University of British Columbia, BCom in Marketing and Management Information Systems
    Bio: Fiona leads a multilingual team providing exceptional support to Quantum AI's global customer base.

  • Nadia El-Masri

    Nadia El-Masri

    Public Relations Manager

    University: American University in Cairo, Masters in Mass Communication
    Bio: Nadia manages the company's public image and media relations with her extensive experience in communication and journalism.

  • Sarah Wong

    Sarah Wong

    HR Manager

    University: University of Melbourne, Masters in Human Resource Management
    Bio: Sarah is responsible for cultivating a vibrant, inclusive workplace culture and recruiting top-tier talent.

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